John Moser

to represent Maryland's 7th Congressional District in the Democratic Party
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Bringing a New Deal and new solutions to the people of Maryland!

Today’s Congressman have split between those who refuse to rock the boat and those who make a show of ill-conceived and irresponsible plans. We hear of problems and of blame, while people need solutions and action.

It’s time for new solutions for the poor and middle-class, for the overworked, for cities like Baltimore where unemployment and homelessness run rampant and schools under-perform.  It’s time for a renewed focus in Congress on fiscal responsibility and well-developed policies using the input of experts instead of political showmanship.

It’s time again to give the people of Maryland and of the United States a new deal.

I’m John Moser, and I’m running for House of Representatives, Maryland District 7, 2018!  I ask the voters of Maryland’s 7th District, to join me in this great fight for our nation.

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Statement on FCC Decision to Reverse Net Neutrality Rule

The FCC's decision Wednesday to reverse Net Neutrality rules represents yet another short-sighted mistake by an administration determined to roll back anything attributed to the prior rather than to consider the good of the American people. 58 percent of households...

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Statement on the GOP Tax Plan Released in November

The tax plan Congress released this past week represents an egregious display of fiscal irresponsibility and hidden tax system complexity by the GOP.  This new proposal provides only a token tax break to the middle-class on the face, while producing a much-larger cut...

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Statement on Affordable Care Act Subsidy Cuts

Concerning the recent executive order to end affordable care act subsidies, Candidate for House of Representatives John Moser reiterates that Americans need better access to healthcare and stronger guarantees of affordability.  On Sunday, the Candidate responded to a...

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October 2017 Quarterly Financials Released

The Committee to Elect John Moser has filed its Quarterly Financial Report for the months of July through September, 2017. The reports re now available on the FEC Campaign Financial Data Web site. Since the beginning of financing in August, the Committee has received...

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Considerations on Universal Benefit Policy Details

See Part 1:  Restructuring Aid:  The Universal Social Security I structured the Universal Benefit in my Universal Social Security framework as a dividend from the economy:  every adult holds one equal share in the United States economy, and receives an equal...

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Restructuring Aid: The Universal Social Security

See Part 2:  Considerations on Universal Benefit Policy Details My proposal for Universal Social Security represents a restructuring of the Federal poverty-reduction programs, including Social Security's Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance pensions program...

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Why people must get their fair share

The Great Recession of 2008 threatened the security of a great many Americans.  Retirement accounts were destroyed, unemployment rose to a peak of 10%, and the greatest businesses of our nation faced collapse.  Even our welfare services couldn't handle the load...

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