John Moser

Perspective freelancers

The article is dedicated to description of freelancers’ activity and their further perspectives on the world marketsquare. You probably have heard a lot of synonyms like part-time employee, solopreneur to the word “freelancer”. But the main purpose and sense of their work does not change. Some people consider that this type of employees is very risky and unpromising in our reality. But we firstly should recognize meaning of their work and their opinion at all.

From the "State of the Freelance Nation" of WiseBrand we may see that kind of work called as freelancing is a sustained, pleasant and advantageous selection of the career way for modern society and perspective young people. There is a company that is aimed to help freelancers develop and advertise occupational digital attendances. And the company has conducted a survey for almost 2000 freelancers to be notified about the real state of their current career.

Some think that this type of job is additional to the general full-time job, but it is, obviously, not true. If freelancing was compatible with another job for full time involvement, people wouldn’t argue so much and number of freelancers would grow.

Orly Izhaki said at once that approximately 55,000,000 citizens of USA and many people around the world were related to freelance and this number constituted nearly 35 percents of an overall work force exactly in United States of America.

Conducted by the company survey has revealed some general facts about frelancers work. First fact is that freelancing is referred to stable type of job activity. It is known that 5 from 6 part-time workers reach their financial achievements during 2 first years after beginning of working remotely. And nearly 42 percents of remote workers have reached their purposes during 1 year! And they have earned more than 75 thousand US dollars a year with a frequency of two times.

The second fact is about a large and continuous increase in number of freelancers globally. WiseBrand’s survey says that more than half of interviewed part-time employees are not ready to go back to a full-time job! It’s a great success for starting and prosperous entrepreneurs.

And the last one fact contains information about a value of skilled freelancers. There, on the world marketplace, both newbies and seasoned part-time employees are present. And statistics says that skilled freelancers aged from 35 years go back to the full-time job with a less frequency than younger ones.