Monitorize Bank of America EDD Credit & Debit Card

From many years in California the government is taking care of its citizens by the help of Employment Development Department (EDD). This department helps the unemployed and disables. Those who are involved in this program and depend on check payment services from Employment Development Program.

This program mainly focuses on EDD Benefits such as, EDD Unemployment and EDD Disability. Now the CA EDD decides to work with The Bank of America and to create the Bank of America EDD Debit Card a new and faster way then before of having money in hands.

Services of Bank of America EDD Credit Card:

EDD is a credit card design to meet your need as fast as possible. It is created by BOA EDD with the collaboration of The Bank of America. By the help of this EDD Card now your payment will be directly transfer to your EDD debit card so now you won’t receive any checks from your Bank of America. This system is more secured and faster and you can use your money whenever you want. Bank of America EDD won’t ask about the Bank of America account because of your EDD Debit card.

After being eligible by CA EDD the Bank of America EDD Card will issue to you and you can avail the benefits like, EDD unemployment and EDD disability programs. With the help of EDD debit card the BOA EDD won’t ask you about your bank account maintenance in any state. Now everyone can have EDD benefits by just filling a claim form and wait for your eligibility for EDD Card. After that you can easily get money from the EDD Unemployment and EDD Disability program without a bank account.

Access for EDD Visa Card:

• With the help of EDD Visa Card you can easily withdraw your money.
• You can check your EDD balance through any ATM where EDD visa are accepted.
• Just like any other Bank of America Card you can purchase anything from EDD Debit card where it is acceptable.
• BOA EDD card make sure that your money is only yours. You can transfer your money easily from EDD card to      bank account.
• Activation Process of BOA EDD Debit Card
• In order to activate your BOA EDD card and to avail its benefits you need to activate the card by just using these        simple steps:
• First, call the EDD Customer service Number which is 1.866.692.9374 or use online website                                  
• Provide your last 4 digits of your SSN(Note: this will be the first and last time BOA EDD ask your SSN, after that if  you got any mail and call asking about your SSN, just ignore it.)
• After that select your 4 digit PIN code for the BOA EDD Card.

Step By Step Procedure:

After selecting your PIN you have to memorize it. Now you can have different access such as:
• You can check your balance and withdraw cash by any ATM which accepts the EDD balance card.
• You can also check balance online
• You can also withdraw your money without any extra charges, you just have to go to a bank teller VISA approved        and then tell them how much money you want to withdraw.
•Steps of Money Transfer from EDD Card to Bank Account
•If you have a bank account or you don’t need a EDD Debit card, you can transfer your money to your BOA EDD            debit card to your bank account. You can transfer all amount in one transaction or you can transfer it on every  p        payment period it is totally up to you.
• Call EDD customer service number or online.
• Follow the directed instruction.
• Provide the required information.
• Now you can check your EDD card balance online.

Important Things to Keep In Mind About EDD:

• You can provide your bank number mentioned at your check wallet through a valid E-mail to BOA EDD if you are a    member of BOA disability and you want to set up a direct deposit option.
• Do not make any transactions from BOA on weekends; they may be delayed in weekends days or holidays.
• If you want an urgent transaction in case of emergency the fee will be charged.
• The EDD card is valid up to three years for all its benefits, in case if you elected one more time for EDD benefit             program make sure that you keep your EDD card with you.
• Always update your claim information for the EDD benefits.
• In any case if your EDD card gets expired the CA EDD will contact to BOA and send you a new card.
• For a new card your financial activity has been noticed for last 90 days, and your card have balance of 20.00$ or        more.
• If you haven’t use your card from last 90 days and your card has less balance then 20.00$ your card will not be             issued to you.
• Keep your EDD card with you until it expires thus you will get payment for that you are eligible from your EDD          card benefits.
• If you don’t receive your EDD card that means you are no longer eligible for the EDD benefits.

Customer Contact:

For any queries you can call to EDD customer service phone number and ask anything that bothers you. Our customer service phone number is 1-866-692-9374. For any complains calls 866-656-5913. And if you are outsider the USA call the 423-262-1650. You can avail online service as well on