60secondpremier.com – First Premier Bank Credit Card Offer

etter to have than never” this is a small motivational pull to those who don’t apply for any credit card yet just because they have less than perfect credit or they are searching for the credit card which is simple, quick, convenient and safe with low ARP, exciting reward programs, and low-interest rates. For availing this offer online visit 60secondpremier.com.

So for this purpose 60secondpremier is very helpful which is a web domain having .com extension as well it’s a pre-approved credit card request from the First Premier Bank. The 60secondsprimer.com is safe to browse and the 60secondpremier best suits all your above requirement so don’t wait let’s start connecting with 60secondpremier.com.

60secondpremier.com – What it Takes to Get First Premier Credit Card:

Getting preapproved for credit card means that the issuer will do a soft credit check it doesn’t affect your credit and if you meet the standard of the issuer that there will be 100 percent chance for getting approved for the credit card so getting preapproved credit card is not such a bad option at the initial level it might give you a lot of experience.

One way to become pre-approved for a credit card is through “pre-screened” offer which refers to the offer you may receive in your mail. So the first premier bank gives you preapproved credit card offer through 60secondspremier.com so if you receive any email than immediately visit the 60secondspremier website and apply for the credit card in seconds.

Method of Applying for the First Premier Credit Card:

The application procedure is quite simple to follow the instructions given below:

* First of all, you will receive mail containing the confirmation number it will comprise of 9-4 letters.

* Visit the website type 60secondpremier.com in your browser and press ENTER.

* The official web page of the first premier bank will open.

* Enter that confirmation code which you received via mail in the required field and then click on “apply now” option.

* After code submission, you were requested to enter some details including your name, address, contact number monthly income etc.

* After that have a glance at all the given information and then click submit.

How to check the 60secondspremier credit card application status:

Note that the average credit card application will take only 60 seconds to get a decision whether to approved or not but when an application is not approved or denied right away its mean that bank might need some additional information. You might feel happy to know that from first premier bank It might take a few minutes to search for the application which you submit has been accepted or not. Similarly, you will receive the confirmation letter on the address you provided while applying.

Customer service of First Premier:

If you are impatient and have any query related to your credit card or you want to take any information related to the 60secondpremier than a call to the customer representative at 1-800-987-5521 during the open hour’s i.e. Monday to Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 4:30 pm.

60secondspremier credit card review:

The 60secondspremier credit card is the initial destination for those customers who are looking for a pre-approved credit card. its procedure is quite simple as it names also indicates that it save much of your time through its simple process of applying via code so instead of going with a long procedure to applying for a credit card this method seems easy. Similarly, the first premier credit card is blessed with better rewards rate but does keep in mind that there is credit limit of $700 and they don’t offer sign up bonuses and you will have to pay a high annual fee for usage.