– Adidas Survey

Shopping discount is basically a reduction in the total price as per a certain percentage. As shopping is the most favorite work of most people especially ladies. Everyone is looking to receive discounts. Nowadays mostly brands give discounts on every end of the season or its anniversary. Due to these discounts company distribution increases to a very high percentage. Everyone is thinking about their benefit as not only giving discounts to customers benefit customers but also beneficial for the company.

Take Adidas Survey and Receive 20% Discount:

As different company are giving discounts to their customers, Adidas at also step forward to give discounts to their customers by just filling survey paper. A survey is basically a questionnaire consists of a series of question. Adidas survey questions are consisting of their services which they provide to their customers. There are some conditions to receive a 20% discount on Adidas, which are as follows:

  1. Customer will receive the discount if he/she regularly visits the store of Adidas.
  2. If customer visits store then he/she has only 7 days to receive a discount from their last visit to the adidas store.
  3. Customer must have the receipt.

After fulfilling the conditions of adidas discount, now the customer has to fill  the simple survey to get the 20% discount.

How Do You Fill The Survey?

  1. Fill your Personal data, for example, full name, address, e-mail address, contact number etc.
  2. Enter receipt serial number, last visited store location and amount of money you paid on your last visit to Adidas store.
  3. Attach the receipt with the survey.
  4. Now answer 25 questions of the survey, these answers will give your feedback to Adidas about their services.