– Check for Credit Collection Service

Credit collection service also known as CCS is one of the most renowned and most successful collection agency in America. CCS focused on providing a customer service approach to debt recovery. It collects debt in the areas of banking, education, business, retailer, financial, telecommunication and utilities online on In order to get save from fraud do remember one thing whenever they asked you about any payment most commonly they will send you a letter and will contact you as CCS, credit control service or some other variation of that name. – Receiving a letter from the credit collection service:

Paying off debt on time always increased your credit score. But nobody likes to receive any call or message from the debt collection agency. The credit collection agencies used sneaky tricks to frighten the customer or sometimes the lender makes a mistake of how much you owe money and report wrong information. So whenever you receive any mail don’t get worried at all and immediately send them back the credit validation letter because under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act it is the customer right to request the CCS to validate their claim.

Payment with CCS:

For the customer convenience, the credit collection service website is fully self-service which means you can easily assist yourself in paying your debt and clearing payments without taking any help from credit collection service representative. The customer can also view the schedule of payment which they have set just by visiting there website and customer also see those payments they are done with.

Thing to remember:

  • Whenever you make any payment do remember these points i.e.
  •  Whenever you make any payment with the credit collection service you need to mention the source from which they contact you i.e. via mail or through a phone call.
  •  If you can’t make payment to CCS all at once. Tell them they will schedule a payment plan for your ease.
  •  You can send your payment by check through the mail and also online by using a credit card.
  •  The CCS website is only used for the debt collection purpose.
  •  If the Credit collection servicer contacted a customer via mail then the customer will need to have an 11-digit file number which will be written on their mailer.

Sending a document to credit collection service:

As the credit collection service website is fully used for the debt collection purposes so the easiest way to send the required documents to CCS is simply by uploading on their website the document will be reviewed within 24 hours also the customer can send their document through fax. The cover letter is present on the website of the credit collection service the customer just need to click the website download the fax cover letter and then print it easily on The documents that are faxed to CCS will take time of 48 hours to process so it is probably best to send any document online.