FeelAdvanced.com- Foot Joy DNA DryJoys Advancement

The Foot Joy Dry Joys DNA Golf Shoes 53455 is Foot Joy’s cutting edge visit level golf shoe. This shoe has a 3D Foam Collar which molds to your lower leg for the perfect help and solace that each golfer is searching for. The Nitro Thin TPU outsole gives lightweight solidness and execution.

Foot Joy DryJoys Advancement:

Foot joy has also propelled the most recent adaptation of the DNA (Dry Joys Next Advancement) establishment, the DNA Helix. Including a more extensive stage and a lightweight development to make control starting from the earliest stage, DNA Helix is accessible on FeelAdvanced.com and wherever Foot Joy golf shoes are sold. DNA Helix was created in view of particular criticism from the world’s best players who esteem the blend of adaptability and solace yet asked for more stage solidness, especially in the foot sole area zone of the shoe.

“I’ve worn each variant of DNA and this is by a wide margin the best for me,” said Scott Stallings. “The extra help they worked in, particularly along the side as I move back and through the ball is fabulous.”

The new Nitro Thin 3.0 TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) outsole establishment in DNA Helix was produced to convey the extra steadiness asked for by Tour players. Indeed, Foot joy says DNA Helix is 38 percent more steady than its antecedent. This was accomplished by expanding the width between the projection containers in the foot sole area by 13 percent for more surface scope. Moreover, another fit-bed was created with more horizontal dependability and the combination of 3D Foam Collar likewise secures the player’s foot.

The new outsole additionally includes deliberately put patterns in the TPU to uncover a greater amount of the milder padded sole which adds to this outsole being 23 percent lighter than the past rendition and in addition being more adaptable.

“While it was unquestionably a test to enhance a shoe as fruitful as DNA, the proceeded with exchange we have with our Tour staff uncovered there was a chance to enhance the general execution of the classification,” said Keith Duffy, Senior Product Manager, Footwear. “Be that as it may, this isn’t only a refresh for us. DNA Helix is a totally new golf shoe developed starting from the earliest stage conveys Tour-level execution and lightweight solace for all players.”

DNA Helix accompanies a two-year waterproof guarantee. Suggested retail cost is $209.99 (bound) or $239.99 (Boa System).