– Activate Indigo Platinum MasterCard Login

Indigo Platinum Master Card offered their members a safe and secures way of using their Credit cards online by their website and also provides the activation and registration benefits. You can stay connected 24 hours and manage your account and also enjoy all the online benefits such as, paying bills, receiving paperless notification etc. – Registration Process Indigo Platinum MasterCard:

To start any online card activity Indigo Platinum Master Card user must have an online card account. If you don’t have any online card account you can register it now by following these simple steps.
• Open home page
• Click on the “Register” button.
• Enter card account number, provided on your credit card or any online statement.
• Enter date of birth & social security number.
• Click on “Next” button.

After Registration you can easily activate for your card.

• Click on “Activate Your Card”.
• Login to your account from the right section of the page.

 Indigo Platinum MasterCard Login

• Open the Indigo Platinum Master Card home page.
• Enter user name.
• Enter password.
• Click on “Login” button to enter your account.

How to Recover Password of Indigo Portal:

If you forgot your user name and password you can request to reset your username and password by following these steps:
• Click on the “Forgot Your Username and Password?”
• Enter username to reset password/Enter email to reset your user name.
• Enter last 4 digit of your Account number.
• Enter social security number.
• Enter date of birth.
• Click on “submit” button.

Now i am going to tell you the simple Four ways to pay bill online with the help of Myindigo Credit Card.

• Pay Online
This is a free online service. You can do easily payment through this website. You just need to login to your Indigo Platinum Master Card account through internet and enter the required details. Your monthly payment will be deducted to your selected bank account.

• Pay by Phone
Just dial the number provided on the back of your card and provide necessary information. Or you can call the Customer Service Number which is 866-946-9545.

• Money Gram or Western Union
Go to your nearest Money Gram or Western Union and provide the following information:
• Company Name- Genesis FS Card Services
• Receive Code- 4911

• Pay by E-mail
Send your money order and provide required details and attachment to the following address:
• Genesis FS Card Services
• PO Box 4477
• Beaverton, OR 97076-4477 Indigo Platinum MasterCard Login