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Quickpayportal is one of the Customers trusted, free and instant bill paying service available in Market provided by Athena Health Service Inc. On user demand they have introduced online portal known as “”, which is happily serving their customers.

Athena Health Service Inc. is basically health service providers, Their patient engagement, practice management, care coordination and other health services inspired and attracted their Customers towards them. Once you have visited the online portal of quickpayportal one can easily access multiple facilities. As the aim of Athena service, while making this portal was to enable their customers to make online payments anytime they want. You can easily pay treatment bills, Manage your patients bill payments, make & manage appointments and do much more. – How to Create Account for Quickpayportal

But the Main purpose of this article was to show our viewers how you can login and sign up for an account online by following simple steps. So, keep following this article if you want to learn more about qucikpayportal.

Now as everyone knows that this facility is absolutely free. First thing is first you should know the requirements first….these are some requirements that are necessary for you to Sign up or Create a new Account. You should have a computer with a fast internet Connection. Make sure you have a latest version of the browser that you are using to open the quickpayportal website. Like you are using Internet Explorer 6 or 7. It is better to accept cookies for the fast interpretation of the website.

Some other requirements and Further Process:
If you want to make this process more friendly…My advise is you must install Adobe reader on you PC or Macbook. When you give your e-mail to quickpayportal you will receive 15 digit code from them. In other words you can say that it is a verification code give from quickpayportal. Moreover, you will easily get Quickpaycode, Statment ID & Access code on your billing statement.

Then this code can be used as serial number or key for sign up for a new account. Now let me discuss the details for Sign up a New Quick Pay Portal account.

  • First of All follow all the above requirements.
  • Check-in the website
  • Give the 15 digit code, Statement ID and other data which was give to you in Bill Slip.
  • Then click on the option of Sign up Today.
  • Then you have to give your personal Credentials Like your E-mail ID, Date of Birth, Account password and phone number.
  • So, after you have given your credentials, you have to give your suited bill payment option.
  •  Enter the amount you want to pay. It can be complete bill as well as half bill.

How to Instantly Login for Quickpayportal & Pay Online Bills:

If you are registered then let me tell you that you can easily access the Login Portal by few steps:

  • Make sure you have a active internet connection.
  • Just visit
  • Give your QuickPay Code, Statement ID, or Access Code. (Means Give any of these)
  • Give any other related credentials if required.
  • Lastly Bang the Sign in button.

Quick Pay Portal Bill Payment:
After creating account and Sign in successfully. Then you have to move on to bill payment process. The bill Payment Process is quiet simple.

Follow the above login procedure.

  • Then select the Appropriate “Bill payment” option.
  • As the bill payment of Quickpayportal ranges from various option. As you can pay half bill as well as full. It actually depends on you.
  • These bills can also be paid through Credit Card as well through insurances.
  • In Case of credit card, you have to give you credit card number, email and other required details.
  • If you are thinking of making payments through Insurance then you have to provider.
  • Once the payment process is complete then you will receive an email or massage according to the details provided.

Services and Benefits of Quickpayportal:

There are various Services and Benefits of Quick Pay Portal which can be enjoyed by the normal customers. So, get ready to check the amazing advantages of Quickpayportal over other services.

  • Instant Bill Payments: With the help of Quickpayportal members can make instant bill payments. You can also make multiple bill payments at a time. So, Quick Service providers  enables its user to manage all the bill payments at a time.
  • Best Customer Service: Personally i think this portal has the best customer service around. As you can contact them to solve your problems like Signing up, logging in, bill payment and much more.
  • Online Report System: When your medical test is done you can get the reports online. Means from the Portal while staying at home.
  • Profile Editing: Even after creating Profile one time. Users can change their name, bio and much more later when required.
  • Instant Online Appointments: Customers can get easily online appointments and check their schedules and match with their available time.

Contact Service

If you have a question about your statement, please contact our Billing Office at 908-458-8333 during the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, to speak with our Billing Specialists.